Thursday, July 15, 2010

MARCHING CAMP July 26-30 and Aug 2! PARADE August 3!

ATTENTION ALL AMBUSH of TIGERS MEMBERS! It's time to put the 2010 season together!

Marching Camp meets for six days - July 26-27-28-29-30 and August 2 - at the MIDDLE SCHOOL from 7:30 to noon each day. We will spend the time emphasizing the basics to the point of instinct, but we'll also work on memorization of flagwork and music, show design and creation, and some advance work on the rest of the season as well.

Because of the way the new school year calendar now sits, we WILL NOT BE ADDING PEOPLE TO THE SHOW AFTER FIELD SHOW CAMP except in extraordinary or unavoidable circumstances (exchange students, etc.). We just won't have the time! If you're going to miss a day or two, that's one thing - let us know in advance, please! - but if you're going to skip camps, you'll have a very boring first period when the fall term begins because you'll be standing on the sideline.

The 2010 show, "simplicity", is not that simple, but it's based on three songs with the word "simple" in their titles: "Simple Gifts", "A Simple Song" (from Bernstein's Mass) and "What Do The Simple Folk Do?" (from Camelot). There is a thematic tie through the show as well - drill sets that re-occur at multiple spots in the show, for example.

Flags and drums start Monday!

Time to start putting the 2010 Ambush of Tigers together! All color guard and percussion meet each day next week (July 19-23) at the MIDDLE SCHOOL band room.

FLAGS - we meet from 8 to 10 a.m. to solidify the basics (manual, guard mix) and start to develop the material for the field show. All the roles will be solidified - front part, solos, and so forth.

DRUMS - we meet from 10 to 11 a.m. to work up our basics and start the field show music as well. Again, all parts will be set this week.

See you then!

Constitution Day

Constitution Day
Ambush of Tigers at Constitution Day