Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update on competition season...

Here's some items about the contests we're going to this October... No word yet on any start times, and nothing at all from Pocatello yet, but at the Mt. Timpanogos show in Utah on October 23rd, there are currently 34 bands (including 9 in 4A) registered to compete! That's going to be a LONG day! We'll arrive around lunch, most likely, and miss some of the smaller bands - not ideal, but we can't wear ourselves out watching ALL the groups.

We're also performing at and with West Side HS in Dayton, ID the night before (veterans, same place we went last year - you were a hit with them!), so we'll leave around lunch on Friday the 22nd.

Finally, I just saw the listings for the (currently twelve) competing bands at Caldwell, and as of this writing there are just two bands in our category...both from the Magic Valley...and the other band's green. Could be interesting.

Constitution Day

Constitution Day
Ambush of Tigers at Constitution Day